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A 3-day virtual event,for Female Entrepreneurs, that will catapult your online business into the stratosphere. 

Say goodbye to the frustration of trial and error and hello to streamlined success, all from the comfort of your home.  

Learn from TOP 6, 7, and yes 8 Figure + earners who have done what YOU are trying to accomplish in your online business. 

Who is this for?
 Social Sellers, Online Influencers, 
Moms with Side Hustles, 
eCommerce Business Owners, Bloggers,
Amazon Influencers, and more!
Your moment to shine has arrived! 🌟🌟🌟

Are you eager to boost your brand and skyrocket sales through social media, but feel overwhelmed 😣 by outdated advice and strategies that just don’t cut it anymore? 

  • Let’s Face It, The Internet Is Flooded With “Experts” Peddling Outdated Strategies That Are As Effective As Shouting Into The Void. 
  • ​😴 You Know, The Ones Who’ve Never Made A Sale Via Instagram™ Or TikTok™ But Preach About The Power Of "Short Form Video" Without Ever Having Pressed Record. 🤦‍♀️

Welcome to the revolutionary 3-Day Virtual Summit, led by Marina Simone—Top Earner and a Top 10 Branding Coach, as celebrated on Yahoo Finance 2 Years In A Row

This game-changing event is designed for female entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to leverage social media for explosive growth.

What sets this summit apart? 

An unparalleled lineup of over 30 top female entrepreneurs who have not only reached but exceeded the 6-figure mark.

These trailblazers are here to spill their secrets on:


Unlock the secrets to driving massive traffic to your blog, enhancing visibility and engagement.


Master the art of viral content creation to capture attention and convert followers into customers.


Dive deep into strategies for building a loyal community and leveraging Instagram™ for sales like never before.

Short Form Video: 

Across platforms, learn how to craft compelling videos that entertain, engage, and sell.


Turn your channel into a sales machine with techniques for increasing subscribers and monetizing your content.


Professional branding and network expansion strategies tailored for the entrepreneurial woman.

Plus, Insider Tips on: 

Driving more traffic to your blogs, ads, videos, email lists, text lists, and beyond for holistic online success.


Featured In:

Sneak Peek Of The Speakers...

462k Followers On Instagram™
CEO of NNBody & NNAgency Inc.

Founder of the Multiply Method ™
$2 billion/year in sales
Turning businesses into billion dollar brands

🎙️Podcast Host + Best Selling Author

💵 7 Figures from 1 Offer
👉🏻Simple way to Sell Your knowledge

Generated $8 Million Online by Teaching Mompreneurs How to Monetize Their Brands Through social media
9K+ students and counting 

Multi 7-Figure Brand | 40,000+ students

Multiple 7 Figure CEO
Generated over $1 million online by teaching mompreneurs how balance their home and hustle

CEO & Founder of FREQUENSE
One of the FASTEST Growing Direct Sales Company in 2024

CEO & Founder of the Diamond Academy, a global success network 
8-figure manifestation coach, wealth creator, and international best-selling author

Founder of thatstrategyco
International Business Strategist for entrepreneurs
Anti-bullying crusader
Sunday Times Bestselling Author

  Founder and lead consultant at Valdes Partners
Creator of AI ToolBox

CEO & Creator of Automate & Elevate
Helping business owners create systems to increase sales from their content on social media!

The Real Real About Running A Home Business
Home Business Confidential Coach

$1B+ Multifamily Assets Bought/Sold
Forbes Councils Member
CEO & Founder of LetsMultifi

100k followers on IG in 80 days using REELS. 

Founder & CEO entrepreneursityofficial

Founder & CEO noshamesalesgame 
with 161k Followers
Best Selling Author, Don’t Make It Weird

4K Customers Using 15 second videos 
700 followers to 1.1 million on Tik Tok 
in just 10 months

What it takes to launch a successful affiliate business in 2024
CEO & Founder of Holos

CEO & Co-Founder of thebrandco__

Author/CEO Top Score Writing
Nonprofit school owner
Built a 7-Figure Educational Company while having 4 kids along the way

Owners of algnd__ Everyday Athleisure

President and CEO at DeBoss Marketing
Creator Of "Ladies Love HockeyToo" 

CEO & Founder of Rockstar Digital Agency. Helping entrepreneurs build their business brands online with video on YouTube to make sales and leads all day, every day.

Helping entrepreneurs make more money, manage it like a boss and multiply it to build wealth allowing them to live more and give more.

CEO & Founder of ManifestHER
Your No-Bs Playbook For Manifesting Whatever You Want

CEO at Fiduciary Financial Advisors
Founder and CEO at Powerhouse Industries, LLC

 CEO and founder of Mums in Business International
Forbes-featured leader
mibintofficial FOUNDER AND CEO 300k community

Helped clients experience $50K days and reach over 2 Billion people through Pinterest Marketing
“30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2024” The Silicone Review

PLUS! A Secret Keynote Speaker...
Who Will It Be?

Why Social Selling Is the Future: 

As we stand on the cusp of 2025, the landscape of digital marketing and sales is evolving more rapidly than ever before. 

Social selling has emerged as a powerhouse strategy, transforming the way businesses connect with their customers. 🤝

Here are three statistics 📊 that highlight why embracing social selling isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity for success:

The Surge of Social Commerce: 

Experts predict that by 2025, social commerce sales are expected to increase by 35%, reaching over $1.2 trillion globally. 

This exponential growth signifies a shift in consumer behavior, with more people looking to make purchases directly through social media platforms. 

Rising Consumer Expectations: 

A recent study found that 70% of consumers expect brands to have a social media presence, and 54% prefer to shop from businesses they can engage with on these platforms. 

By 2025, businesses not leveraging social media for sales will risk becoming irrelevant to a significant portion of their market.

Influence of Social Recommendations: 

Approximately 65% of consumers discover new brands, products, or services through social media recommendations. 

This number is expected to rise as platforms introduce more features to facilitate discovery and sharing, making social selling an invaluable source of new customer acquisition.

The Cost of Ignoring Social Selling: 
What You Stand to Lose

Failing to integrate social selling into your business strategy doesn’t just mean missing out on opportunities for growth—it could significantly hinder your brand’s potential in a market that increasingly values authenticity, engagement, and social proof. 

Consider these stark realities:

Loss of Competitive Edge: 

With over 60% of businesses expected to adopt social selling strategies by 2025, those who don’t will find themselves at a severe disadvantage, struggling to compete with brands that are more accessible and engaging to the digital-first consumer.

Decreased Market Share: 

As the consumer preference shifts towards brands that offer a seamless social shopping experience, businesses not on social media could see a reduction in market share, with projections suggesting a potential loss of up to 20% to more socially-savvy competitors.

Missed Revenue Opportunities: 

The growth of social selling opens up new revenue streams and customer engagement channels. 

By 2025, brands ignoring this trend could miss out on a substantial portion of the $1.2 trillion social commerce market, limiting their revenue potential and growth prospects.

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This invaluable resource will take the guesswork out of what to post every day, keeping your audience engaged and driving sales all year long. Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool!

"Marina is an Instagram Guru and one of the sharpest people, sharpest marketers I've ever worked with..."
-Ray Higdon CEO + Founder Rank Makers
Hellllllerrrrr my name is Marina simone, and not too long ago I was just like you...

Let me share a story. 

I once blasted 100 copy-paste messages to complete strangers online—yep, that outdated tactic that’s a one-way ticket to getting blocked. 🤭 

My goal was simple: make an extra $500 a month without becoming a spammy nightmare. 

But then, disaster struck: my social media accounts nearly got banned. 😲

In my desperation, I realized the folly of my ways: blindly following "guru" advice without understanding the importance of genuine connections and where to actually spend my time online.

After many failures, I discovered the magic of a Daily Method Of Operation across all social platforms, using my signature "333 Method™. 

Suddenly, I was making real connections, driving sales, and yes—finally building that dream online empire. This breakthrough wasn’t just a personal win; it has since transformed the lives and businesses of countless others in our community. 🎉

See for yourself below:

Secure your spot now and gain INSTANT access to the Done For You 365 Posts I personally use, absolutely FREE with your summit ticket.

I'm so confident in the value this summit will bring to your business that I'm offering a "Value 7 Day Guarantee." 

If you don’t feel you’ve received at least $500 worth of invaluable insights and resources, you’ll get every penny back, no questions asked.

Remember, the landscape of social media is always evolving

Don’t let outdated strategies hold you back any longer.

General Admission

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  • VIP ONLY: Lifetime Access To 3 Day Recordings
  • ​VIP ONLY: Digital Workbook Loaded With Notes & Worksheets For The Summit
  • ​​VIP ONLY: Q&A Zoom with Marina Simone & Guest Speakers
  • ​​LIVE Access ONLY to 3 Days of live training 
  • ​​Opportunity to network with other Elite Heelers inside the VIP Group
  • ​​Chances to win swag + fun interactive contests

Total Value Of General Admission 
$3091 {$3084 FREE Value Included}

Ticket non-refundable. 

Virtual Ticket

VIP Virtual Pricing  - $97
Regularly $497


  • ​VIP ONLY: Lifetime Access To 3 Day Recordings {Value $497}
  • ​VIP ONLY: 150+ Page Digital Workbook Loaded With Done For You Notes & Worksheets From The Summit {Value $347}
  • ​VIP ONLY: Q&A Zoom with Marina Simone & Guest Speakers {Value $297}
  • ​VIP ONLY: Special VIP Virtual Zoom with one of Marina's Top Coaches to Audit Your Social Media Platform of your choice! {Value $347}
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Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you succeed with building an unforgettable brand using social media?

Probably not!

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Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has successfully "been there and done that!" with income producing activities on social media.

Here, I'll add a little nudge for you as well.

When you grab the Virtual Ticket to the Slay online Sales summit for $27 I will give you instant access inside the VIP Facebook group to my Done-For-You 365 Posts BONUS.

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So as a reminder, of what you're going to get with the "Social Media Daily Method Of Operation Checklist."

  • Time Management Tracker To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business In An Hour A Day
  • ​Your Business DMO Cheat Sheet
  • ​Facebook™ Daily Method Of Operation Tracker + Training
  • ​Prospecting Daily Method Of Operation Worksheet
  • ​Power Hour Worksheet
  • ​BONUS #1 - Marina's Content Creation Trello Board
  • ​BONUS #2 - Pinterest™ Daily Method Of Operation Tracker 
  • ​BONUS #3 - Instagram™ Daily Method Of Operation Tracker

Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have me take you by the hand and help you with conversations into sales! 💸

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Slay Online Sales™ Summit

September 13,14,15
LIVE 3 Day Online Event
Secret VIP  Group

What To Expect With The $27 Ticket:

  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook™ Group
  • ​Entrance to the 3 Day Virtual Event LIVE TICKET ONLY
  • ​Top Leaders who have done thousands in sales from Tik Tok™ will be giving you their exact plans...
  • How to get leads and create content for Instagram™ Reels ...
  • ​ Find the confidence to show up on social with the posture of an action taker ...
  • ​Social media has shifted and if you don't have a plan for generating 100 leads a week you will get left behind. Come learn from 6 + fig earners in Beauty, Health and Wellness, Travel, Services, Nutrition and more!...
  • ​.. and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this Exclusive 3 Day Live Virtual Event where you can Create a marketing plan on social media that gives you the Posture Presence and plan no matter WHAT you sell or WHO you sell it to.

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